• Hereford True Beef

    Hereford True Beef

    Herefords are a unique breed, and for hundreds of years Hereford cattle have been renowned for delivering superior quality beef and the ‘true beef’ flavour. As the name suggests, True Beef offers a truly authentic taste experience characterised by layers of rich natural flavour and delicate tenderness.

    The cattle are nurtured to maturity grazing on rich natural pastures, completely free of growth hormones. They enjoy the freedom to roam and grow naturally in Australia’s most pristine environments under the care of Australia’s most experienced cattle farmers.
    To guarantee a product that consistently exceeds expectations, True Beef grades in the highest tiers of the rigorous Meat Standards Australia grading system.

    • Unique ‘True Beef’ Flavour
    • Strictly 100% Hereford Genetics
    • 100% Pasture Fed & Free Range
    • HGP Free
    • Australian Owned & Grown
    • Ethically Raised
    • Consistent Quality & Supply