You can always expect the best at Choice Foods

  • You can always expect the best at Choice Foods

    If Choice Foods stocks it, you can trust it. We only import products of the highest available quality. Over the last forty years, our passion for good food has taken us from the land Down Under to the Iberian Peninsula as well as sources right here in Thailand. We have even partnered up with local vegetable growers to oversee the production from start to finish.

    As those familiar with us know, much of our imports come from Australia. This is not only because of our founder's in-depth, ancestral familiarity, but Australia is renowned world over for producing top-quality foods, be they beef, lamb, or fresh produce. Australian meat and livestock standards are rigorous, trusted by discerning buyers everywhere. And of course, its proximity to Thailand makes it a natural choice, as the shorter shipping time means your food stays fresher.

    Our suppliers make up a veritable list of who's who in the world's food industry; we represent brands that will impress any chef and foodie. We never buy anything without having vetted the source, and we maintain a close relationship with our principals. This practice is key to our unequivocal commitment to quality. We believe in the products we bring, and we only want to bring the best to your table.