Choice Foods Beef Range

  • Grain Fed Angus Beef

    Grain Fed Angus Beef

    Our grain-fed Angus is sourced from Jack’s Creek Farms, who is also one of our suppliers of the Wagyu-Angus cross. These animals are hand selected in a rigorous process of grading according to numerous criteria such as meat PH, meat colour, fat colour, fat depth, marbling, carcass weight and temperature. These measurements are used to determine the ‘grade’ in which the beef is sold. For this Grain-Fed Angus variety, we supply three grades as follows:


    MB1 – Marble Score 1
    MB2 – Marble Score 2
    MB3 – Marble Score 3

    The ‘Marble Score’ determines the intramuscular fat content of the cut and therefore the richness of the beef taste. See Marble Score to learn more about this evaluation system.

  • Premium Grass Fed Beef

    Premium Grass Fed Beef

    We supply a range of excellent grass-fed beef products for those who prefer the taste of natural ‘range fed’ beef. Depending on the age, sex, breed and feed regimes of these animals the taste profiles will vary. These factors also influence cost and of course, quality. Choice Foods aims to provide a range which will suit all our customers’ budgets while maintain the best possible quality/cost value proposition.

  • 100% Certified Wagyu

    100% Certified Wagyu

    Choice Foods Certified Wagyu is the only 100% Australian Wagyu beef available in Thailand. Our Wagyu comes from the renowned Blackmore family farm in Alexandra, Australia. Blackmore is one of the few Australian producers of 100% Wagyu beef, with an unrivalled reputation and numerous awards that attest to their fine product.

    Blackmore Wagyu Beef uses 100% fullblood Wagyu genetics, with bloodlines that can be traced back for more than seventy years. Japanese chefs have confirmed that Blackmore Wagyu Beef are in the same league as their Japanese-raised ancestors. As can be expected of a 100% Wagyu beef, the taste and texture are legendarily delectable, with the high and fine marbling of the beef making each mouthful a treat in itself.

  • Wagyu/Angus Cross

    Wagyu/Angus Cross

    While most of the ‘wagyu’-labelled products found in Thailand are from a cross of the Wagyu and Brahman breeds, resulting in beef that is at most 50% Wagyu, Choice Foods only imports the Wagyu that is of the highest genetic integrity (and is the only importer to do so). Our Wagyu-Angus beef is the result of three levels of crosses which produce 88% Wagyu genetics in the cattle. Raised on a mixture of pasture feed and GMO-free grains, this particular cross breed of beef is endowed with the juicy tenderness of the Wagyu as well as the satisfyingly deep flavor of the Angus. As all of Choice Foods beef, our Wagyu-Angus cross variety is free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

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