Gourmet Grocery

Gourmet Grocery

Choice Foods buyers travel the world over to source unique and excellent products. Aside from our natural familiarity with quality ingredients from Australia, we have found that Spain has an amazing array of outstanding products, with many companies leading the world in sustainable and ethical agricultural and farming practices. It is our pleasure to bring you some of these culinary gems.

Choice Foods Gourmet Grocery Range

  • Simpson Farms Chunky Avocados

    Simpson Farms Chunky Avocados

    Simpson Farms Premium Chunky Avocado is a great alternative to fresh avocado with the convenience of always being ripe and ready to go! No wastage and no labour to prepare. If you want certainty and consistency, this product is for you. We offer the following three great avocado preparations:

    Premium Chunky Avocado
    Simpson Farms Premium Chunky Avocado is a great alternative to fresh avocado with the convenience of being ripe and ready to go! No wastage and no labour to prepare. Premium Chunky Avocado is ideal for wraps, burritos, baguettes and is a great alternative to fresh avocado in most dishes. If you want consistency this product is for you.

    Avocado Pulp
    Avocado Pulp is the ideal base for any creation. Full of natural flavour and goodness, the versatility makes using avocado simple and value for money. This avocado product has a longer than usual shelf life; a robustness to meet your everyday avocado needs.

    A Taste of Mexico. A blend of herbs and spices mixed compliments the rich natural avocado flavour This product a great addition to any Mexican style dish. The depth of flavour will appeal to a broad range of palates. For nachos, wraps, pizza, tortillas, burritos, chili con carne, seafood and everything else.

  • Tarago Olives

    Tarago Olives

    Tarago Olives is a privately owned and operated boutique olive grove in West Gippsland, Australia - a premium olive producing region. Situated on the hill overlooking the Tarago Reservoir, Tarago Olives has 1,200 olive trees - varieties include Nevadillo, Manzanillo and Frantoio. The estate extracts extra virgin olive oil from its highest quality fruit, without using chemicals or additives.
    A West Gippsland olive grove is supplying its oil to top Melbourne restaurants, such as the Fat Duck, Vue De Monde and Cumulus Inc.

  • Woodbrige Smoked Salmon

    Woodbrige Smoked Salmon

    Produced by the Woodbridge Smokehouse, this smoked salmon is one of the finest in the world. The salmon is fished from the pristine waters of Tasmania's coast, then it is cured using a combination of traditional hand-smoking methods and modern technological controls. The wood used in the smoking process is taken from the trees in Woodbridge's own organic apple orchard. The result is smoked salmon that is delicate, delectable, and simply delicious. 

  • Mas Pares Duck and Goose Products

    Mas Pares Duck and Goose Products

    Mas Parés is the first producer in Spain to be officially approved by the European Union for the preparation of ducks and geese products. In the the production of its fine goods, Mas Pares follows sustainable policies, balancing its business objectives with the care and protection of the staff, the animals and the environment.

    Some of Mas Pares unique products include: Foie Gras emulsified in honey and a layer of dates; Foie Gras emulsified in chestnut with a marron glace center; Duck liver mousse with truffles. Choice Foods carry these and many more Mas Pares delicacies.

  • Pescaviar


    Pescaviar is the Spanish producer of caviar and cocktail pearls from high quality ingredients free from artificial coloring and preservatives. Its Avruga, Moluga, Anchoviar and Lobsviar caviar range are made from herring, anchovies and lobster, and has achieved great success in the European market. Now Pescaviar is introducing cocktail pearls in exciting new flavors perfect for creative cooking!

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