Kitchen Equipment

Choice Foods' vision for better cooking is not limited to just good ingredients. We are also constantly on the look out for new tools and techniques. When we see something that could be of benefit to your restaurant, give you better-tasting food and raising sales, we won't hesitate to introduce them to you.

Choice Foods Kitchen Equipment Range

  • Josper Oven-Grill

    Josper Oven-Grill

    Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in one machine.

    It is renowned among top chefs of world-class restaurants as a workhorse that produces perfectly-cooked food, every time.

    Features of the Josper

    • 100% works with charcoal.
    • Unique design barbecue grill.
    • Braised different levels.
    • Front door system, agile, robust, easy to use.

    Josper uses the best steel alloys made with the highest technology. The oven can work continuously at an average of between 300 º and 350 º.

  • The Kold Smoker

    The Kold Smoker

    Cold smoking is a technique of enhancing the flavor of foods such as meat, chicken, fish, and even cheese. Because of the low 'cold' temperatures used in the smoking process, the meat will remain moist while taking on the additional flavour, be they herbs or spices. Cold Smoking is a great way to enrich your meat with the desired flavour before actual cooking. 

    The Tom Cooper Kold Smoker is a revolutionary appliance that makes genuine cold smoking simpler and more accessible than ever. This compact construction is composed of stainless steel refrigerated smoking chamber and separate temperature and time-controlled smoker drawer. The Kold Smoker is an affordable and easy-to-use appliance–perfect for chefs, caterers, and home cooks who are serious about smoked foods. 

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