Australia has the perfect surroundings for producing truly superior lamb. Ideal growing conditions combined with scientific breeding produce tender, delicately flavoured lamb with large consistent muscle size. Dedicated to meeting our customers' demands, Choice Foods always stock a wide variety of value-added cuts available immediately for delivery. All of our lamb products are FRESH and CHILLED and vacuum packed, never frozen.

Lamb cuisine can be a great addition to all kinds of meals year round, making any meal a special event. You can be assured that the lamb you get from us is tender and delicious from the moment we receive it to the moment you savour it.

Choice Foods Lamb Range

  • Organic Saltbush Lamb

    Organic Saltbush Lamb

    The Australian Saltbush Lamb is grazed on the unique Saltbush pastures of the Australian outback. The pristine natural environment means the lamb is infused with an exceptional fresh clean taste. It has a robust and rich flavour while still delicate enough to carry exceptional spice blends.

    Saltbush Lamb has been found to have improved nutritional value due to the Saltbush the lambs consume which is rich in Vitamin E. It is the presence of this powerful anti-oxidant, together with the regional characteristics of the area, which gives the lamb its superb taste, tenderness and health benefits.

    Our organic saltbush lamb is:

    100% natural product
    Raised without hormones
    Free Range - naturally grazed (not lot fed)

  • Premium Australian Lamb

    Premium Australian Lamb

    Australian lamb is widely regarded as the best in the world. This is because behind the taste of every lamb chop there is a history that includes breeding, feeding and climate. The process begins with individually selecting farmers that possess commitment to raising quality lambs, coupled with leading management practices and dedication to continually improve product standards. Over the years, Choice Foods has maintained close relationships with these selected group of small, family-run operators who are able to supply premium lamb required for discerning consumers.

    Our milk, pasture and grain-fed lamb comes from the unspoiled pasturelands of New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Combining traditional and progressive farming methods, these premium lambs are raised to produce the best taste and texture for any cooking method.

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