Most of our seafood is freshly flown in from Australia, with a range that includes fish, oysters, scallops and crab meat. Adding to this great selection are New Zealand mussels and Icelandic Wild Cod. We also carry the delectable 'bacalao', the Spanish salted cod.

Below are some of the highlights of our extensive seafood range. Contact us for a full listing of our quality seafood!

Choice Foods Seafood Range

  • Sweet, Delicious Crab Meat from the British Virgin Islands

    Sweet, Delicious Crab Meat from the British Virgin Islands

    Also known as the Green Crab or Mangrove Crab, the Mud Crab is widely known for its excellent cooking and eating properties, presenting beautifully in curries, chili crab dishes, soups and salads.

    The character of the meat is moist, with a marvelously distinct and sweet flavor. The texture is medium to firm with a white to off-white color when cooked, and traslucent when raw.

    These Mud Crabs are handcaught from the tidal waters of the British Virgin Islands in the Carribean. As they are individually caught, there is no bycatch, making them 100% sustainable. The crabs are also caught live and processed immediately, guaranteeing freshness and flavor.

    The crabs are supplied by The Ocean Source Group (OSG), a unique, pioneering organization pushing the development of fresh seafood from emerging supply chains with a focus on quality, traceability and sustainability. Choice Foods is very proud to partner with OSG and bring to Thailand this unique quality product.

  • Sustainable Port Phillip Bay Hand Dived Scallop (Wild Caught)

    Sustainable Port Phillip Bay Hand Dived Scallop (Wild Caught)

    Australian owned and operated local company, Port Phillip Bay is the only company in Victoria that has a license to harvest scallops from Port Phillip Bay. The scallops are hand-dived from the pristine waters of the bay,

    with only fully mature scallops picked, to maintain a sustainable population. Only a small percentage of scallops in the bay is harvested, and the greatest care is taken to ensure the long term health of the fishery.

    As the scallops are handpicked, the shells are undamaged. And unlike scallops harvested by dredging, which drags the shells through mud and sad, our handpicked scallops are clean and free of any grit. 

    While the scallops appear to be slightly smaller than their ocean cousins, Port Phillip Bay scallops are sweet and succulent. A 100% wild and naturally occurring product, these scallops are superior in taste and nutritional value than any farmed kind.

  • Palamos Spanish Seafood

    Palamos Spanish Seafood

    We are pleased to showcase fantastic seafood from Peixos de Palamos of the famed fishing area of Costa Brava. In our premium selection, will you find fresh, sustainable fish and seafood, as well as unique gastronomic innovations that are sure to delight diners and connoisseurs.

    Peixos de Palamós is a company with over 20 years of experience, located in Palamos, a small coastal town in the northeast of Spain. It was created as a small family-run business with the goal of supplying fresh fish to the local shops. Today, they are present in more than 30 countries worldwide, exporting the best of the Mediterranean Sea to serve the most exclusive restaurants in the world.


  • Oysters


    Our Pacific Oysters are from South Australia, where they are grown in some of the most pristine and unpolluted waters in the world.
    These oysters are available at Choice Foods in standard (50-70mm) and large (70-85 mm) sizes.

  • Mussels


    We offer Live Black Mussels from Spring Bay Seafoods. These mussels are harvested from the nutrient-rich and unspoiled waters of Tasmania’s East Coast. The mussels are raised in optimal depth and sea current. The result are mussels with a deep-sea taste and springy soft consitency.

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