• El Quijote Membrillo (Quince)

    El Quijote Membrillo (Quince)

    With a confectionary tradition dating back to 1840, El Quijote is a Spanish company dedicated to the fruit of the quince tree and its transformation into this celebrated sweet. But it's not just a good-tasting sweet–it has been scientifically proven that pectin, a substance found in quince, aids in digestion and combats diarrhea due to its astringent qualities.

  • Conservas Ortiz

    Conservas Ortiz

    The canning industry is a respected business in Spain as cans of fish and seafood are often real gourmet products, and Conservas Ortiz is one of the companies in the sector with an excellent reputation. This brand name belongs to the highest quality category within the Spanish conservas industry, the kind which famed Michelin star chefs try to get hold of from all around the world.

  • El Navarrico Preserved Goods

    El Navarrico Preserved Goods

    El Navarrico is a family company that develops their products with a maximum respect for the tradition of agriculture and canning in Navarra. The company's philosophy is to bring the farm produce to the consumer with the least possible intervention, respecting nature and using the most natural methods of preservation.

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