• Great Southern Lamb & Five Star Lamb Promotion

    Great Southern Lamb & Five Star Lamb Promotion

    Introducing 2 of Australia's most premium lamb producers:

    Great Southern Lamb

    Great Southern Farm is committed to pioneering the best possible way to deliver the delicious prime restaurant quality meat we all deserve. It is an enduring commitment and growing appreciation you’ll find across the entire supply chain.
    Producing the world’s best, naturally raised beef and lamb is all about consistently raising the bar.
    Raising the best animals possible in a natural, stress-free environment. It is all about saying “No” to shortcuts. No added growth hormones, no unnecessary use of antibiotics and no last-minute finishing. The resulting lamb is one that is outstanding and different than any you have tasted.

    Five Star Lamb

    Five Star Lamb is located in the fertile, prime grazing region of Victoria in Southeast Australia. The company’s mission is to produce the finest quality lamb, a commitment that is reflected in the lamb’s breeding (only first or second cross-bred are used), feeding (on pastures grown on home-made, non-chemial fertilizer), and abstaining from any use of antibiotics or growth hormones. The result is the most delicious, highest quality lamb Australia has to offer.

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