Cheeses & Dairy

Choice Foods offer a great variety of cheeses and dairy products from Australia, Spain and local producers. As with all our products, we have visited and vetted the sources. Many of our principal are family-run operations that make their dairy products with care and dedication to quality. 

Our cheeses come in many sizes, suitable for food service as well as retail sales.

Coombe Castle Cheeses and Dairy Products

Stilton Blue, Shropshire, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale, Clotted Cream...these are only a few of the delicious range of British cheeses and dairy products we are offering from Coombe Castle.

Coombe Castle has over 30 years experience exporting great tasting British and Irish dairy products across the world.
Travelling through time, Britain’s farmyards and across the world to discover dairy favourites, old and new. Coombe Castle offers a wide range of cheddars and regional cheeses. They currently export their products to over 23 countries worldwide.

With a beautiful and vast range of cheeses, there is a flavour to suit all kinds of preferred tastes.

That’s Amore Cheese

In 2004 Giorgio Linguanti arrived on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. In only four years this young Sicilian went from not speaking a word of English to opening his own cheese shop and winning an award at the Royal Melbourne Show and has won numerous awards since.

Mr. Linguanti and his team specialize in producing close to thirty different cheeses that are unique to Italy. These include varieties such as the Diavoletti, Bocconcini Leaf, Burrata, Caciocavallo, Squacquerone, and Buffalo Mozzarella.

Despite his success, Linguanti stands firm by his commitment to hand-make each cheese, the old fashion way, using the best quality ingredients and nopreservatives. In his own words: “Hygiene, good ingredients, care and love. You can’t negotiate on these four elements if quality is your ultimate goal.”

Garcia Baquero

The García Baquero brand symbolises traditional Spanish cheese par excellence. Founded in 1962, Garcia Baquero specialises in the production of cheese, respecting the tradition and wisdom of the great Spanish master cheese-makers. Distributed in numberous countries from Europe, Asia and the Americas, it is one of the best-known and trusted brand of manchego cheese in the world.

Milawa Goat Cheese

The Milawa Cheese Company is a small but highly regarded speciality cheese factory located in North East Victoria's famed wine region. All cheeses are hand made at the historic Milawa Butter Factory using traditional methods, without preservatives and using non-animal rennet.

The range of Milawa Cheese we carry include: Catering Chevre, Chevre Ash Mini, Chevre Cajun Mini, Chevre Small Pepper and Capricornia

Local Dairy Products

Although we are primarily an importer, Choice Foods is also on the look out for quality products made locally. Recently we have found a company that produces premium organic yoghurt, using only ingredients sourced from organic farms. Other quality dairy items we buy from small local producers include Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella Diced Cheese and Sour Cream. 

Jindi Cheese

Jindi Cheese is the largest privately-owned cheese manufacturer in Australia. Their cheeses have won many awards both in Australia and overseas.

Jindi Cheese available in wholesale and retail at Choice Foods are: Jindi Brie, Camembert, Traditional Blue, Layered Blue Brie and Deluxe Blue.

Floridia Cheese

Floridia Cheese was founded by Mauro Montalto, a Sicilian who emigrated to Melbourne in 1952. Montalto brought with him the superb cheese-making skills which were handed down to him through many generations. Now, Floridia Cheese is a well-respected manufacturer of Italian cheeses, with distribution in Australia and around the world. The success of Floridia Cheese lies not only in their tradition of making fine cheese, but also in the integrity of the process, which is guided by strict hygiene and safety standards, ensuring that the highest quality is maintained with every cheese produced.