Sustainable Port Phillip Bay Hand Dived Scallop (Wild Caught)

Australian owned and operated local company, Port Phillip Bay is the only company in Victoria that has a license to harvest scallops from Port Phillip Bay. The scallops are hand-dived from the pristine waters of the bay,

with only fully mature scallops picked, to maintain a sustainable population. Only a small percentage of scallops in the bay is harvested, and the greatest care is taken to ensure the long term health of the fishery.

As the scallops are handpicked, the shells are undamaged. And unlike scallops harvested by dredging, which drags the shells through mud and sad, our handpicked scallops are clean and free of any grit. 

While the scallops appear to be slightly smaller than their ocean cousins, Port Phillip Bay scallops are sweet and succulent. A 100% wild and naturally occurring product, these scallops are superior in taste and nutritional value than any farmed kind.