Sweet, Delicious Crab Meat from the British Virgin Islands

Also known as the Green Crab or Mangrove Crab, the Mud Crab is widely known for its excellent cooking and eating properties, presenting beautifully in curries, chili crab dishes, soups and salads.

The character of the meat is moist, with a marvelously distinct and sweet flavor. The texture is medium to firm with a white to off-white color when cooked, and traslucent when raw.

These Mud Crabs are handcaught from the tidal waters of the British Virgin Islands in the Carribean. As they are individually caught, there is no bycatch, making them 100% sustainable. The crabs are also caught live and processed immediately, guaranteeing freshness and flavor.

The crabs are supplied by The Ocean Source Group (OSG), a unique, pioneering organization pushing the development of fresh seafood from emerging supply chains with a focus on quality, traceability and sustainability. Choice Foods is very proud to partner with OSG and bring to Thailand this unique quality product.