• History


    In 1972, Bob Coombes, a young Australian entrepreneur observed Thailand opening up to foreign investment and Western influences, and Bangkok was becoming a major tourist destination with a burgeoning hotel industry. With more foreigners visiting the country, there was a rise in the demand for international-standard goods and services. At the time, imported meats came to Thailand from the United States via Singapore and Hong Kong, which compromised their freshness and quality. Bob Coombes decided to remedy the situation by importing quality meats from a source which he knew well and more geographically logical: Australia. Personally going to the airport to pick up the meat and delivering them to hotels from his car, he started the first direct meat import business in Thailand.

    From this humble beginning, Choice Foods Thailand Limited has grown to become the premier importer and wholesaler of fine meats and produce in Thailand. With branches in many of the Kingdom’s major cities, Choice Foods has the scope and reach to provide top-quality goods and the most comprehensive F&B services to our customers.

    For over forty years, Choice Foods has kept a close pulse on Thailand’s ever-evolving gastronomic demands. Our local insight, combined with a keen understanding of international food trends, has made us a key player and innovator within the F&B industry. Whether being the first to custom-build refrigerated delivery vehicles; introduce salmon to Thai menus; or more recently, bring in Spanish jamon and other Iberian delicacies, Choice Foods has always been on the forefront of the gourmet industry.

    Today, as one of the largest, and the longest-lasting food importer in Thailand, we at Choice Foods are proud to continue to bring only the best and the freshest foods to your table.


Choice Foods founded
by Bob Coombes

  • 1975 As the taste for Western food grew, Choice Foods started to import the staple side item to Western dishes, the french fries. These pre-cut and frozen fries quickly gained popularity among restaurants and diners.

  • 1975 Choice Foods were the first to import salmon in Thailand. Soon after it became a staple on the menus of restaurants and buffets. We also buitl our own smoke house and at one point produced over 100 tons of smoked salmon.

  • 1974 Choice Foods introduced the first custom-built refrigerated vehicle to Thailand. Because of the temperature control system, the meat and produce were transported at their optimal temperature, thereby maintaining their freshness and kept free from any bacterial growth that may occur in Thailand's tropical heat.

  • Late 1970s Opened "The Butchery & Delicatessen," the first of its kind in Thailand.

  • 1983-1989 Choice Foods won the concession to supply and operate Don Mueng's first restaurant. It ran successfully for six years.

  • 1988 Seeing the need to be near our customers in order to provide a more immediate and comprehensive service, we opened our second branch in Phuket. Branches in Pattaya, Samui and Krabi soon followed.

  • 1985 Venturing into the restaurant business, Choice Foods opened Angus Steak House in Soi Thaniya. The restaurant opened to much fanfare, completely with a Scottish band marching to traditional tunes.

  • Bull's Head office Choice Foods bought the building on Sukhumvit 33/1. There, the new office was housed on the top floor while the bottom half of the unit became the was housed on the top floor while the bottom half of the unit became the Bull's Head pub, a well-known watering hole for Bangkok expats for many years.

  • 1996 Bob Coombes' son, Jeremy 'Jay' Coombes, offically joined Choice Foods, spearheading the company into the 21st century.

  • 1995 With a very large and complex machine leased from Australia, Choice Foods became the first company to squeeze and bottle fresh orange juice on a commercial scale. Much of the freshly squeezed, 100% pure orange juice at hotel's breakfast buffets between 1995-2000 were supplied by us

  • Late 1990s Bob Coombes has a fondness for Spain, and travels there frequently. As a result of his gastronomic familiarity with Spanish food and producers, Bob started to import Spanish products, such as the jamon Iberico, never before seen in the Thai market.

  • 2005 Choice Foods co-invested with an Israeli company to grow greenhouse bell peppers in Wang Nam Kiew.

  • 2012 Choice Foods celebrated our 40th anniversary with style at the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Our principals and customers alike came from all over the world to participate in the two-day gastronomic extravanganza. An event to remind us how far we have come and how much we have to look forward to, always striving to bring the best to your table!

  • 2003 The retail store Food Glorious Food opened on Sukhumvit 71, answering to the ever-growing need for top quality gourmet products. Here you will find wagyu beef, saltbush lamb, jamon, fresh produce, antipasto, olive oil, and many more specialty products.

  • 2005 Choice Foods is the first importer in Thailand to build our own butchery, fitted with the latest technology, in order to better customize our cuts to the needs of our clients.