Portion Control

With Portion Control, Choice Foods offers a cost-reducing and flexible alternative to bulk-buying. We provide a wide range of premium imported meat products cut and weighed to suit your requirements. You will know exactly what you get and how much it costs, without having to factor in the wastage of in-house preparation. In addition, having the cuts always available and prepared to a high standard takes away the need for skilled staff, who can be expensive and hard to find.

All of our portions are hygienically produced, conveniently packed and clearly labeled. By using Choice Foods Portion Control, you will save time, cut labour costs, reduce waste, and receive consistent, high quality products every time.


When pricing a striploin or tenderloin on a menu, a chef has to take into account the wastage and labor costs of in-house preparation. Choice Foods gets rid of this headache by providing a wide range of beef portion control for all of your culinary creativity. All of our beef are high quality imports from Australia, from renowned producers such as Blackmore Wagyu and Greenham Tasmanian Beef.

Some of our Beef Portion Control includes: Tenderloins, T-Bone, Bone-in Ribs, Rib Eye, Striploin, Tomahawk, Carpaccio, Roasts, Hamburgers


Choice Foods lamb portion control are made from the Five Star Lamb, the premium Australian lamb producer. The lambs graze on nutritious pastures and are raised without any hormone or antibiotics. No matter which cut, Choice Foods lamb portion control offers you all the benefits of cost, quality, convenience and availability.

Some of our Lamb Portion Control includes: Rack, T-Bone, Stew, Shank, Steaks, Shoulder Chops


From pork chops to spare ribs, Choice Foods provide a variety of cuts for your convenient and cost-effective use. Our pork comes from the highest-quality pork produced by one of the only three export-accredited abattoirs in Thailand with full traceability and HACCP standards.

Some of our Pork Portion Control includes: Chops, Loin, Spare Ribs, Gammon Loin, Steak


We offer superb white-fleshed cod in long fillets at 200-300 and 300-500 grams. Directly imported from the Atlantic shores of Spain, you can be sure of the the fish’s high quality, flavor and freshness.

Some of our Fish Portion Control includes:

Mid Portions 200/300 g Iceland Bits IQF 500 g Loin Gegant Long Loin Golden 200/300 g


Choice Foods is proud to offer you a wide range of homemade sausages. As with our bacon, we use the highest export-quality pork. The sausages are produced the traditional way, with the imported sea salt and spices. Our sausages will make a great impression at your breakfast buffet and a delicious addition to your menu items.

Our Sausage range includes: English, Cumberland, Chorizo, Pork and Garlic, Sausage Rolls