Operation Smile Thailand

Cleft palate is a condition that afflicts thousands of children around the world. But it is a condition that can easily be corrected. In just a sixty-minute surgery, which costs as little as fifteen thousand baht, a child’s life can change forever. However, if left untreated, the child will not only suffer from a lifetime of self-esteem issues, but also will have difficulties in breathing, drining, eating and speaking.

Operation Smile was founded to address this issue and since 1984, has treated 140,000 children and young adult worldwide. Operation Smile Thailand was registered as a Thai charitable foundation in 2002.

Choice Foods believes in making a difference in children’s lives and are proud to support Operation Smile. We are pledging a percentage of our sales to help this worthy cause.

We encourage you to visit the Operation Smile Thailand site for more information, and make your own difference!