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When it comes to quality, the proof really is in the eating. The moment a customer puts down his fork and reflects on the meal is the moment of truth, not only for the chef, but for the meal is the moment of truth, not only for the chef, but for on your plate.

At Choice Foods, only the best will do. Our search for the finest quality produce begins with meeting every supplier personally. We thoroughly check their prduction techniques, accreditation and business practices. Only if a producer’s philosophy matches up to our own standards do we represent their interests in Thailand.


The amount of time you’ve been in business says a lot about your business. Many of our competitors have come and gone, but at Choice Foods, we’ve always been in it for the long haul, and hauling is something we know a thing or two about.

Since the day we began, Choice Foods has been committed to providing superior customer service–ensuring the freshest possible producing is delievered to our customers in the fastest possible time. In fact, Choice Foods was the first company to have refrigerated vehicles in Thailand

Today, all of our produce is airlifted directly into the contry where it is distributed with our world-leading fleet of thermo-controlled trucks and new express scooters.


At Choice Foods, we only import products of the highest available quality, always from reputable sources. Every piece of meat is certified, ensuring you always get what you paid for, and always at the right price. If Choice Foods stocks it, you can trust it.

And it’s the same for the way we conduct our business. Our only concern is what goes on the table, not what goes under it.


We believe it’s possible to run a profitable business without resorting to profiteering. If a product is in high demand, we import more. We operate on fair margins, and when there are savings, we pass them on to you.

This honest, simple approach to pricing has seen us become the price setter for the entire industry.