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    Choice Foods bacon is produced under the watchful eye of our Master Curer from England. We only use lean pork of the highest quality from an export-accredited abbatoir in Thailand with full traceability. Using a traditional English recipe, the pork is cured for fourteen days in sea salt and spices such as mace, juniper and coriander. Our bacon contains no phosphates, preservatives or any artificial additives.

    We offer Back Bacon and Streaky Bacon, both of which can be supplied to you whole, sliced or chopped as required.

  • Portion Control


    Choice Foods ham is made under our roof, with the guidance of our Master Curer from England. As with all of our pork products, we only use the best export-quality pork. Absolutely no phosphates, preservatives or any kind of chemicals are added to our product. You can order the ham whole, sliced or chopped as required.

    Our Ham range includes:
    Corner Gammon
    Gammon Loin Steak

  • Portion Control


    Introducing Kooka Brotha’s range of mini cupcake and portioned tray cakes. These types of cake are perfect for buffets and dessert creations but are difficult to produce without overrun, underrun or wastage. Choice Foods is confident that these imported cakes, made from high quality Australian ingredients, will be a delicious and cost-effective solution for all your catering needs. 

    Some of our Cake Portion Control includes:
    Blueberry, Caramel Slice, Cheesecake, Zabalione, Cupcakes, Tiramisu, Apple Pie, and many more...

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