World’s Best steak 2023 came from Australia’s Jack’s Creek Wagyu

On Monday 13 November 2023, over 150 people from across the globe gathered at the Smith & Wollensky, London for an exclusive awards ceremony, which saw Jack’s Creek’s Sirloin Steak take home the coveted crown of the World’s Best Steak.

AUSTRALIAN beef’s extraordinary run of success in the annual World Steak Challenge held in the Netherlands overnight has continued, with the title of World’s Best Steak falling to an F1 Wagyu x Angus entry
from Tamworth-based supply chain Jack’s Creek.
The winning Jack’s Creek sirloin entry defeated samples from beef supply chains across North and South America, Japan, continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand.
It was the third overall win for Australia over the nine years the competition has been held.
Jack’s Creek previous took the top awards in both 2015 and 2016.
The Jack’s Creek winning entry also earned divisional awards for World’s Best Sirloin and World’s Best Grain Fed Steak, as well as the Oceania region’s Best Steak.
Last year Jack’s Creek produced the world’s best rib eye category winner, as well as Best Fillet, Best Ribeye and best Grain fed in 2021.
A total of 346 medals were awarded this year, including a record 134 gold, with 120 steaks earning silver medals and 92 bronze. Australia took home the most gold, with 18 steaks from the country awarded the accolade,
with Ireland having the greatest overall medal haul with 67 steaks awarded a gold, silver, or bronze.
The World Steak Challenge has become a popular benchmark for branded beef competitions around the world.
A large independent judging panel of 50 meat and food service industry identities assess entries on flavour, juiciness, tenderness, and overall liking. Last night was the ninth year of the competition.
Jack’s Creek’s overall title winner came from a marbling score 9+ F1 Wagyu carcass fed 450 days.
Principals David and Patrick Warmoll started crossing high-marbling Tajima Wagyu bulls over an Angus herd
in 1991 on their properties near Breeza and Willow Tree in NSW. They have since developed a successful vertically integrated crossbred Wagyu beef business, breeding, growing, grain feeding, processing, and marketing Wagyu beef around the world.
The company ships to more than 20 destinations worldwide including China, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Thailand, UK, South Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, UAE, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Vietnam, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Qatar.
Jack’s Creek produces a range of F1-F4 Wagyu cattle, carrying strong Tajima genetic influence. It gets its service
kill done at the Northern Cooperative Meat Co plant at Casino in northern NSW, which provides service kills
for some of Australia’s best known Wagyu supply chains.
“This year’s competition saw the highest standard of entries yet, with a record number of gold entries,
but one particular steak stood out from the pack. Congratulations to Jack’s Creek for its outstanding steak
and to all the winners in the other categories,” says Restaurant Magazine editor and World Steak Challenge judge
Stefan Chomka.
“The global nature of this competition and the high quality of entrants demonstrates a true desire across the world to produce top-quality cuts of steak that are testament to the hard work that goes into beef production.”
Judges at this year’s challenge included Richie Wilson, culinary director of FIRE Steakhouse & Bar, Ioannis Grammenos, executive chef and Meatologist of Heliot Steak House in London, Paul Foster, chef-patron of Michelin starred Salt in Stratford and Grass-fed in Camden, Abdulrahman Alswailem, chef owner of Marble in Riyadh, currently ranked number 23 in MENA’s Best Restaurants, and Katie Doherty, CEO at the International Meat Trade Association.

Jon Condon, 14/11/2023
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