Who does not like Avocado? There is so much to like about Avocado!

Avocadoes originate in Central America, and there are literally hundreds of varieties. The main commercial ones are Hass, Fuerte and Sharwil. It is known as the Complete Food as it has more vitamins and goodness than any other food. It contain 25% fat, but all of it the “good” fat. It has a lovely creamy taste and goes well with many different foods…Smoked fish, Chicken, Prawns, and Tuna to name a few as well as Salads, dips and the famous Guacamole.

Avocadoes are normally sold in 5 kilo trays in which the count is from 16 up to 35. The mist common size is 28, so the average weight is 178 grammes. if very careful it is possible to obtain between 50% and 60% yield. The average will be very close to 100 grammes, which is size of our pack. So buy in the supermarket at 100 baht and you are all square EXCEPT that ours is always ready, no loss and can be kept for 30 days! This is important as our selling price per gramme net will be lower even without the added cost of unusable fruit which everyone has from time to time.

Normally the Thai market is supplied by Australia and New Zealand as being fairly close from an airfreight point of view, but currently the authorities have a ban on import of Australian Avocadoes, which is not to say they are not here in smuggled form. I see product of good quality from Peru, but expensive. New Zealand fruit tends to be a case of every third one unusable. The ban is due to be lifted some time this year, but unit such time as it is, we can sell ours.

Bob Coombes
Managing Director
Choice Foods Thailand Ltd.

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