Choice Foods buyers travel the world over to source unique and excellent products. Aside from our natural familiarity with quality ingredients from Australia, we have found that Spain has an amazing array of outstanding products, with many companies leading the world in sustainable and ethical agricultural and farming practices. It is our pleasure to bring you some of these culinary gems.

Cherry Creek Estate Avocado Oil

  Cherry Creek Estate Avocado Oil is made from 100% pure Australian avocados. Cherry Creek Estate avocados are cold pressed to produce an Extra Virgin Oil with a delicious, slight buttery taste, making it perfect for using in marinades and drizzling over salads. The oils’ high smoke point means it is better suited for cooking […]

Salmon roe

SPHERIKA, salmon spheres Spherifications with a liquid interior of about 5mm in diameter made from salmon. With a flavor and texture very similar to natural salmon roe, our salmon pearls are a perfect economical alternative to these for recipes and canapés.                                    […]

Trout roe

SPHERIKA, Trout roe Lightly brine-cured rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) roe. Their thin membrane gently breaks when bitten to give way to an explosion of iodised flavour.                    

Severn & Wye’s Smokery Smoked Salmon

We are pleased to offer the finest Smoked Salmon anywhere in the world, certainly the highest quality ever to be offered here in Thailand. This was the Smoked Salmon preferred by The Late Queen Elizabeth and is featured in Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, the most famous London food shops. It is what is known as ‘The London Cure’. A delightfully smooth […]


Pescaviar is the Spanish producer of caviar and cocktail pearls from high quality ingredients free from artificial coloring and preservatives. Its Avruga, Moluga, Anchoviar and Lobsviar caviar range are made from herring, anchovies and lobster, and has achieved great success in the European market. Now Pescaviar is introducing cocktail pearls in exciting new flavors perfect […]

Mas Pares Duck and Goose Products

Mas Parés is the first producer in Spain to be officially approved by the European Union for the preparation of ducks and geese products. In the the production of its fine goods, Mas Pares follows sustainable policies, balancing its business objectives with the care and protection of the staff, the animals and the environment. Some […]

Cobram Estate Olive Oil

Founded in 1996, Cobram Estate is the leading provider of olive oil in Australia, and a leader in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Today Cobram Estate is the Number One Selling and awarded Australian EVOO brand in the domestic retail market. Following strict and exacting standards, Cobram Estate produces award-winning oils in two ranges,the Premium […]


Pronto e Fresco is the leading Australian manufacturer of quality antipasto products. Pronto e Fresco’s range of gourmet Australian vegetable products include semi-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, grilled mushrooms, grilled eggplant, grilled pumpkin and other unique char-grilled and marinated vegetables. Also available is a wide range of Kalamata olives from Australia.