Bernardo Selección is the result of the Hernández family’s tireless search for quality and excellence. Here we pour all our knowledge, love and dedication to turn exclusivity into an authentic work of art destined for the most demanding palates.

Hind limb from pigs owned by the BEHER farm, selected from birth and raised in the wild. These pigs have been fed natural cereals, as well as grasses, tubers, roots and other natural resources from an unbeatable ecosystem on farms. Once they reach the ideal weight, they are already outside the deadlines required by the Iberian regulations for slaughter, for this reason they do not have the corresponding seal.

These pieces, due to their racial characteristics, present an elongated and stylized shaft with a golden and fluid fat on its external part, while on its internal part it shows a pink and melting appearance that floods the mouth with intense and prolonged nuances.

These pieces are cured in a natural cellar and selected one by one, seeking a homogeneous cure throughout the ham and requiring a few months of curing to guarantee its exquisiteness. Its darker exterior color makes these pieces an elegant and unique product.